Saturday, 25 August 2012


If you have ever been in my home, you know my family, and you know that we are not decorators. About seven years ago we touched up our humble abode by repainting the interior. My sisters and I got to pick the colors of our rooms, and my mother was ambitious in painting two of the four walls in our living room a creamy yellow color and called them "accent walls".  Our furniture have all been passed down from my grandparents and our kitchen, well we submitted an entry video to "Fix This Kitchen!" and made it past two of the four rounds. Once I left this designer's worst interior nightmare of a home, I really started to become interested in decor. Wait what is that you say? My room doesn't have to be a cluttered collection of Magic Treehouse books, extension cords and carnival souvenirs?

A cute little sundial I got for our dorm room. My roommate collects clock necklaces so I thought that I would take it in a different direction. 

A mini treasure chest that came with a collapsable telescope that I bargained for in Nottinghill. It sits on top of my desk and holds extra change as well. Other useful reasons why I bought this coming soon.

My dainty new hair-clip and simple buckle-belt that I bought in a quaint and elegant store in the Covent Gardens--Seven Dials area called Orion.

I took this picture on the cliffs by my house. It was my last night in Southern California for the summer of 2o12. It has nothing to do with decorating.

xx elizabeth